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Georgeanna Walden

Originally from Georgia, Georgeanna brought with her manners and makeup brushes all the way to the west coast. Before leaving GA, shelanded jobs as a makeup artist for local commercials, leading up to a CMT job with Jason Aldean. Once in LA, the help of a family friend presented opportunities for her to begin working in the industry, learning first hand the art of being a makeup artist. In addition to earning her esthetician license.


Georgeanna also learned to expand andelevate her craft in makeup trailers on set. Branding herself as "Just George Looks," she continues to study and keeps up with the latest in makeup trends and products, utilizingher knowledge to make sure her clients get top of the line service. A joy to work with, she is
professional, skillful, and has the ability to capture a desired look, delivering a beautiful taylor-made result just for you.