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Photographer and hair & makeup artist to the stars, Christina Turino, is a renowned multimedia makeup artist and hairstylist with over 20+ years of experience traversing between the medium of commercials, film, television, print, and private shoots.   


Christina began her career in hair & makeup, like many, by honing her craft working with other talented hair & makeup artists in various mediums of television and print She quickly made a name for herself and became the principal make-up and hair artist for Conde Nast and Gannett Publishing. This led to her being highly sought after all over the world as the key hair & makeup artist for many high-profile projects. Her artistic creations have been seen on television programs, commercials, and music videos including HBO, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Hallmark. Additionally, her creative work has been seen in magazine editorials and covers such as Billboard, Harper’s Bazaar, People, Elle, Lucky, Self, Essence, Vogue, Town & Country, UK Marie Claire, Ocean Drive, Hamptons, and Bride Magazine. She has been an integral part of many notable print campaigns including the Armani Exchange A/X, Ralph Lauren Polo, Macy’s, Ann Taylor, Loft, Adrienne Landau, The Metropolitan Opera, ENYCE, Samsung, and Playtex.  


With all her success came even more opportunity to showcase her talents when major record labels Sony Masterworks, Columbia Records, And Universal Music sought her out to work with their artist branding teams and music video producers for some of their most successful artists.


When asked what she believes makes her so in demand  by some of the most recognizable celebrities and brands, Christina has been quoted as saying “I believe it’s my background in photography that gives me a unique perspective where, when I’m applying make-up, and styling hair I’m able to see through the lens of the camera and can anticipate what directors are looking for or what will translate through the lens.”


Through her collaborations with several respected and experienced photographers including Chris Militscher, Richard Riensdorf, Enrico Vesce, Rob Mandolini, Jean Bernard-Villereal, Anthony Parmalee, Jacob Getz, UDO Spreitzenbarth, Harry Langdon, Brian Pierce, David Garvey, Christina’s desire to expand her talent to include not only hair & makeup but to also direct and shoot the projects. 


Prior to the pandemic, Christina often would schedule her own photoshoots where she directed and photographed the project. The pandemic put a halt on the entire entertainment industry and those that worked in. This provided Christina the opportunity to hone her skills as a photographer. As her skills and talent with photography increased, so did the caliber of clients seeking her service as not only a hair & makeup stylist, but also as the photographer and director of their shoots. 


The demand for her grew an today, not only is Christina a highly sought-after hair & makeup artist to the stars but is also a highly sought after fashion photographer/director due in part to her unique and forward thinking visions captured by the lens of her camera. Her photographic work appears in a growing list of magazines and CD covers including Harper’s Bazaar, Fashion Gone Rogue, People, La Belle Kids, Artenzza, and Gladys magazines.


A true renaissance woman, Christina Turino continues to create and inspire others by bringing beauty into the world of art, fashion, film, print, video, and commercials, through her hair & makeup artistry and photography visions.



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