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What makes shooting with


Christina Turino wears all the hats in her photoshoot productions.

She is an expert in every aspect of her productions from location, direction, set, makeup, styling, all the way through to post photography editing. 

Christina's exceptional skills as a photographer, make-up artist, and hair stylist have earned her a well deserved reputation for her high quality artistry and unique photography.

Her unique perspective started decades ago on the other side of the camera as model, actress, stuntwoman in fashion, fitness, and commercial advertising. By being on the receiving end of direction, Christina accumulated a world of experience from a diverse collection of professional artists.

Ultimately, Christina has a natural talent in bringing out the unique attributes of each individual and incorporates all of her talents to consistently produce

extraordinary outcomes.



extensive career of


Throughout her career, Christina gained experience by working on various multimedia projects. She has worked on numerous films as well as television programs with HBO, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, Hallmark, Lifetime, and more.


Her work can be seen in commercials for AT&T, Crayola, Colgate, OXY Clean, Tmobile, Mercedes Benz, Nabisco, Frederick Fakkai, Conair, and Nivea.


Her work can also be seen in videos for Loreal, VH1, Pepsi, Matrix, Maybelline, Lancome, and Garnier. She has worked closely with Sony for various artists as well as doing many music videos.


Christina also contributes her skills to many print and fashion campaigns including the Armani Exchange A/X, Ralph Lauren Polo, Macy’s, Ann Taylor Loft, Adrienne Landau, The Metropolitan Opera, ENYCE, Samsung, and Playtex.


She has been the principal make-up and hair artist for Conde Nast and Gannett Publishing. Her work can be viewed in such Publications as Elle Magazine, Lucky, Self, Essence, Vogue, Town & Country, the UK Marie Claire Magazine, Ocean Drive, Hamptons, and the Bride Magazine.


She has provided her services for several amazing photographers including Chris Militscher, Richard Riensdorf, Enrico Vesce, Rob Mandolini, Jean Bernard-Villereal, Anthony Parmalee, Jacob Getz, UDO Spreitzenbarth, Harry Langdon, Brian Pierce, Antoine Verglas, David Garvey, and many more.



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